Hi, I’m Octavian Baban, founder of Seed System Coaching.

Performance coach, trainer, and user of the Seed System.

I consider myself a catalyst for change, working with professionals from different industries, helping them learn and apply the new-ancient principles for creating specific results. I’m an engineer by profession, and this has always helped me find a system that really works, not only in my field of work but also in life and business, when it comes to reaching my goals.

The Seed System has been a key part of my work in the last 8 years. This system provides a clear method for creating specific results or solving problems in any area of life.

The Seed System offers a new and important idea for the manifestation of all things in your life, a system that works every time. It is based on the imperturbable truth that everything that happens to us comes from the way we treat those around us. Moreover, it provides a clear explanation of how what we do to others is stored in the form of a seed in our minds. This seed grows in the mind and then determines the things and people we see around us.

If we learn the method by which to plant and care for the right seeds, then we have the power to manifest in our lives, any dream we want.

My official training in the seed system began in 2017 at Sedona College of International Management. This system, which was conceived as a way to recognize the universal nature of these great ideas and make the ideas usable as “The Diamond Cutter Seed System”, a methodical system for leadership and success among governments, corporations, entrepreneurs, and other professionals around the world.

I attended 3 Academic Sessions at the SCIM college:

  1. Inner Success, Outer Success
  2. Peel Off Your Addictions by Understanding Mental Seeds
  3. Time Management Using the Art of Inner Conversation

The Seed System gives you the most transformational tools you can take and apply them right now in 2021. Its ancient wisdom coupled with coaching tools for today’s realities and will help you transform yourself and achieve maximum performance in your work.

I invite you to make the decision to commit to yourself, commit to your transformation, and commit to your future.

Stop wishing for change, just plant the right seeds!