7 Small Decisions that Will Protect You from the Financial Crisis

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Here is a long-term strategy to stop worrying about a possible financial crisis.

If you have been following this site for some time, you have probably become familiar with the idea that any seemingly external crisis is in fact a personal and internal one. Everything we see outside comes from mental seeds (patterns), which open at a speed of 65 / s and create the reality in which we live.

Starting from the correct definition of emptiness and mental patterns, I will give you some tips for crisis situations, and on how to avoid unpleasant decisions related to these situations.

Whenever we hear of the word “Financial Crisis” or “Recession,” something worries us and we are tempted to make bad/irrational decisions about which we focus our attention and energy.

A seemingly harmless piece of news can influence a few percent drops in shares of several companies. Not understanding where even this news comes from, we are always “fooled” that something from outside comes to us and puts us in trouble. For a stock market investor, such a moment could mean the decision to withdraw quickly, until the rest of the shares decrease.

A skilled gardener learns over time to distinguish between attributing self-existence, which seems to come from the outside, and the perception that is imposed by a mental pattern that opens at that moment and creates this perception. If in the past, when he heard news like the above, he would have been very impatient, now he knows where these things come from. He also knows that he needs to continue to see the planting of mental patterns of prosperity.

Many times, there is a tendency to give up for a while planting the good seeds, under the pretext, “I have to do something more important now, which will really help me.” I have fallen into this trap many times. With some people (karmic partners) with whom I met regularly to support them in their evolution, I postponed them or apologized that I could not meet in that week, that I was busy.

This is our daily workout. When the old habit or the old conception of reality pulls you towards it, then you need to turn your mind to the things that really work: the supportive mental patterns and the correct understanding.

Making small decisions with the right understanding, in time, will lead you to big decisions, without any effort. But making big decisions at the moment, without the necessary preparation, can induce quite a lot of pressure. The difference between them is as follows:

Difference between big versus small decisions

Mental training is actually focusing on mental patterns because attention is what puts nutrients on that pattern (seed) so that it grows quickly and strongly. And here comes the decision to consciously plant mental patterns daily. These decisions can be very small and simple to make. It doesn’t take much planning in advance.

7 Small decisions that will protect you from the financial crisis:

  1. Pay with joy and on time any invoice, contribution, payment for those who helped you to carry out your activity
  2. Periodically support someone in need financially (choose the organization that resonates with you the most)
  3. Support financially those who have helped you a lot in the past (eg: parents, former collaborators, relatives)
  4. Always tip (at the restaurant, laundry, gas station, taxi… wherever you can)
  5. Train your mental state to always offer something (it doesn’t matter the amount or the time, but the availability to offer)
  6. Pray for those who are going through financial difficulties
  7. Avoid wasted time (words but also thoughts that do not bring value)

Can you add more to the list yourself?

What other small and simple decisions to make that you can make on a daily basis will protect you in the long run against a financial crisis or recession?

Invitation to try the Seed System for your business

I recently started my practice as a coach using the seed system.

The implementation of this system in the way you manage your work or business is done gradually. It takes a minimum of 90 days to see the first seeds sprouting. This was also the reason why I started this program for a longer period of time. You need small successes to implement new habits related to mental patterns.

The coaching program gives you the perfect combination of tools suited for your needs and offers you a gradual path of implementation.

  • The Seed System helps you eliminate conflicting decisions (Diamond Deals). You will learn how not to make any bad decisions and how not to get caught between insufficient choices.
  • Eliminate the causes that lead to the breakdown of projects and teams. By applying the principles of this system in your project, you will automatically create trustworthy people around you who work in harmony.
  • You will gain the peace of mind that you apply an effective system that works every time. A correct system that is simple and pleasant to implement.

I invite you to sign up for a free 45′ consultation and find out if this system works for you!

Octavian Baban

Performance coach and seed system trainer.
I help professionals and executives reach their goals by implementing the tools of the seed system.

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