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A leader, a leader is a person who guides a group of people to a better place.

This definition of leader includes three aspects: knowledge, affection and power.

“Knowledge” refers to the fact that a leader knows where we are now and knows a better place to go. That “better place” can be a new product, another service that can be improved. Or it could mean a more pleasant way of living for our family, or even a superior state of mind, or a better world.

“Affection” means that the leader not only sees that we can go to a better place, but he cares enough about us to make sure we get there – he is willing to invest time to help and guide us. to that better place.

“Power” means that the leader knows where we are, cares enough and wants to help us – but he also has the power and ability to lead us when we are not able to get there on our own. Without this power, the knowledge and affection of the leader would be just a kind of empathy and not something that could really help us.

So if we want to be leaders, this is the motivation we should want to lead.

Therefore, being a leader is actually a way of life, a deeper way of living our lives for ourselves and others. Leaders can be those who are in leadership positions, scientists, teachers, doctors, etc., and especially parents!

Here are some actions (seeds) to do or not to do to become a leader 😊

  • Don’t be proud / brag about your qualities. Whenever you think about your intelligence, your possessions, your help to others – be modest in exposing them;
  • Always be willing to take on the most insignificant role in a group: be the last person to have lunch; be the person to do those “dirty jobs”; leave others before you;
  • Treat people equally. Superior people do not show respect for others. Super people respect everyone. And especially those who do the work below:
  • Respects parents, teachers, and the elderly;
  • Be a generous person and do many good deeds, especially for people in emergencies (sick, poor, needy, refugees, etc.):
  • Take responsibility and especially when no one wants to take it;
  • Whatever you work, work with joy;
  • Speak gently – do not hurt the feelings of others and do not say angry words;
  • Speak wisely, that is, if what you want to say is useful and do not talk about things you are not going to do;
  • Encourage people all the time;
  • Always be a good example by behaving according to what you preach;
  • Always show kindness to people and show them sincerely that you are concerned about them.
  • Wisdom means that you want to become a leader of your whole personal and professional life.

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