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Hi, I’m Octavian Baban, and I’m a hopeless avid for inner growth 🙂

This is a new endeavor for me, extending my practice of coaching for the international audience.

My work in the last 7 years has been to develop my leadership skills and grow as a human. I’ve done this through continuous studying and practicing the best methods of human development.

My background as an engineer and technical person led me to find relevant methods for creating sustainable change. My focus is working with systems and methods that work every time.

And I didn’t do all this work only for myself. In this process, I’ve started a training company and developed training programs for people who wanted to join the path of continuous growth. I have sought the best trainers and models that inspired me over the past years and organized training programs for them to come to visit my country and teach.

The system that fitted perfectly for me is the Seed System, which offers a new and important idea for inner and outer success, and it works every time. It is based on the imperturbable truth that everything that happens to us comes from the way we treat those around us.

The main lesson I’ve got from all this work is this: If you want to grow, you have to help others grow. This is the quickest and the most fulfilling path.

The focus of my work right now is developing relevant learning programs for the times we are facing. I know we’ve been facing a lot of transitions (some forced upon us) in the last year and the role of learning and development in every company is key for keeping a strong motivation and synergy among people.

I’ve also been training as a professional coach at the Virtual Coach™️ program for la past 2 years, and I think this is one of the most useful skills to have in this day and age, and the skill that generates the most impact on your growth.

More to come soon…


Octavian Baban

Performance coach and seed system trainer.
I help professionals and executives reach their goals by implementing the tools of the seed system.

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Seed System Coaching