How to Break the Glass Ceiling of Your Business

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Here’s a good question I’ve been thinking about for the last year: “How do you break the glass ceiling of your business?”

Specifically: suppose that in the last months – years, you have reached a relatively warm level in terms of the success of your business, you are comfortable where you are at the moment, but că you feel that you can not cross an invisible threshold.

Either you feel a cap on the capacity of the market you belong to, or you feel a limitation on the total number of customers you can serve through your products or services, or you simply have a general feeling of capping your business.

For example: if we are talking about a culinary business – a restaurant. He could experience the invisible ceiling as: the limited number of seats available for customers, the traffic in the area depending on the time or season, or the weather, the culinary preferences that are not the same for everyone, and the set menu may not even include them. on all… etc ..

And then, we can talk about the personal ceilings of some people in their own evolution. Ceiling according to age (I am too young or too old to advance), capping according to nationality, ethnicity, or even political/religious inclination. So here too there are invisible ceilings that hold some people in place.

Here is the answer of this question answered by 3 of my seed system mentors: Geshe Michael, Scott and Orit Vacek:


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